Manuscript and image research

SCHRIFT-BILDER gGmbH is a non-profit organization in the field of art and culture. Our aim is to promote research and science. We act as an independent intermediary between archives and copyright-holders, in order to promote – in consultation with public archives – long-term preservation of works as cultural assets.

Our goal is to explore historical heritage in both pictorial and written form, in order to keep it for posterity, by preserving and publishing it in digital and paper format. We aim to explore new methods of digitization, digital post-processing and scientific analysis.

We work in the fields of both image and manuscript research.

Our tasks in the field of manuscript research consist in exploring innovative digitization procedures and new approaches especially for manuscript research. We want to make accessible manuscripts in digital or analog form for research and for the interested public. Moreover, we carry out scientific research on digitized manuscripts.

Our tasks in the field of image research consist in developing innovative digitization procedures and new technical approaches for converting old motion picture film to digital formats as well as for concomitant procedures of digital image post-processing. We want to make lesser known artwork available, which is otherwise not economically feasible and is often not adequately published by the copyright-holders, or even not published at all, and thus runs the risk of loss to posterity.

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